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News and opinions on Climate Change, Solar, & Electric Vehicles by CEO of American Home Energy and Solar Leader Thomas Enzendorfer

Make The Climate Difference

Read and (Inter)Act on Climate Change


Why Climate Difference?

Thomas Enzendorfer is a CEO and Solar Leader on a mission to bring people together to act on climate. This blog is a place for climate change activists to come together to see the latest on climate change, solar, and electric vehicle news.

Thomas is the CEO of American Home Energy, the first of its kind in the solar industry. AHE is a team of solar experts with decades of experience on a mission to combat climate change by empowering other solar businesses’ success. With no sales & marketing team, their sole focus is on helping the world transition to solar by enabling your solar business’s success.


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Thomas Enzendorfer

As a solar leader, I consult with small businesses to focus on operational excellence to run companies not just profitably, but sustainably, in order to accomplish a long term climate impact.