Thomas Enzendorfer 

CEO, Solar Leader, & Climate Activist

As a leader in the solar industry and a passionate climate change activist with over 10 years in the solar industry, Thomas mentors other solar-related companies to help them create their own successful business roadmaps whilst formerly actively engaged as a President at Soligent, America's largest solar distribution company and the CEO of American Home Energy, a white label solar company that has been profitable since the first month of business. AHE is an experienced team of dedicated, hard-working and focused operations, installation engineering and service professionals, who understand the importance of the work we do for our partners and homeowners. American Home Energy is committed to the success of our partners because we believe in the future of solar and the impact it can have.

It is widely known in the industry that to scale nationally with sustainability is difficult, if not unheard of, leading critics' arguments that green technology is not sustainable when viewing bankruptcies and losses across the commerce platform. Thomas believes that to focus on operational excellence is critical to run companies not just profitably but sustainably in order to accomplish a long term climate impact and focuses on helping small business achieve this.

As a climate activist, Thomas is passionate about bringing the latest solar, electric vehicle, and climate change news to his blog and bringing people together to act on climate. Sign up for his newsletter to receive updates straight to your inbox! 

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