• Thomas Enzendorfer

3 Marketing Tips For Solar Businesses

So you’ve started your solar business- you have a solid business plan based on profitability, are focusing on your cash flow, are focusing on strategy execution, and know when to say ‘no’. The business is set up- now how is your branding and online presence? Here are 3 marketing tips for your solar business:

Focus on SEO SEO is search engine optimization and it helps your ranking in Google. We recommend having a specialist do a marketing plan for your company in order to come up with keywords for your target audience and include them in everything from the back end of your website to blog posts. Eventually, it will be an investment into a higher google search.

Organic Content

Invest in a good branding session for your company. Get photos of the team and your projects. Being able to see the faces behind the company and not just a logo builds trust in that you are who you say you are. Keep track of testimonials of happy clients as well, focus on your employees, provide informative content instead of trying to sell, and try to stay away from stock photos. You may not see a lot of value in maintaining your online presence, but the first thing people will do when doing research into a provider or service it google the company. What’s the first impression of your company when it comes up on Google?

Perfect Your Operations All the marketing services in the world won’t help a bad customer experience or operations malfunctions. How many times have you looked at reviews before making a purchase or going with a provider? A bad review can shut down leads. Ensure that you have a reliable operations and service team that you can depend on. A lack of reliability in your team can take down your whole business model. One idea is outsourcing your projects to a team such as ours at American Home Energy. Our vision is that the solar industry will need a nationwide pure-play, white label EPC provider to allow for a healthy ecosystem of ALL solar companies--Manufacturers, O&M Providers, FinCos, Developers, Sales Originators, Project Owners--in order to succeed. We like to compare ourselves to a utility or an internet service provider of solar. From engineering to construction, and everything in between, we believe in providing the “boots on the ground.” Operational infrastructure is critical to enabling our partners’ success in the solar market place.

There is a dire need for solar and the studies show that there is no stopping solar. As a company, we value community over competition and our goal is simply: climate action. We want to empower the solar industry to succeed and we have the tools to do so. If you succeed in the solar industry, we all succeed.

With over 10 years in the solar industry, Thomas Enzendorfer mentors other solar-related companies to help them create their own successful business roadmaps whilst formerly actively engaged as a President at Soligent, America's largest solar distribution company and the CEO of American Home Energy, a white label solar company that has been profitable since the first month of business. Consult with him here.

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