• Thomas Enzendorfer

Hurricane Florence & Our Butterfly Effect

It's no secret. Hurricanes, Tornados, flooding and other natural disasters are becoming more prevalent across America and the rest of the world. It seems every day you turn on the news and there's more families and communities hunkering down or being evacuated in the midst of another catastrophe.

What if I told you there is another way? Climate changes impacts us all in very real ways and you have all heard the phrase: prevention is better than the cure. Well our climate, environment, quality of life and mortality is no different and we can make a difference to better our lives and future.

The national climate assessment summarizes what is happening to our planet now and what we expect in future because of global warming. We can do something. YOU can do something that truly impacts the world we live in and the future of our families.

The butterfly effect is the theory that a butterfly can beats its wings causing a chain reaction of events that lead to a hurricane. Our butterfly effect is that we can make one change and the cumulative effect makes all the difference. Recycling one food can a day for a year equates to over 12 pounds of metal that isn't getting back to our water systems or littering our unique and beautiful country.

According to, one average American households monthly energy usage can launch a Volkswagen Beetle into orbit costing the average American family $132 per month depending on the state. This means the average American homeowner could save over $27,084 in their lifetime on electricity costs if they installed solar, not to mention the tax breaks and the electricity company pay you back for giving back to the grid! This could be money for college, your kids' first car or paying off the mortgage way before retirement, which would free up even more cash every month so you buy and boat and retire early! Well, if that's what you're into.

Thomas Enzendorfer is the CEO of a California based residential solar company, American Home Energy so if you are ready to make a difference, pay less bills and harvest a natural energy source yourself, go green and get solar today! Financing options are available!

Things we do in our lifetime has a bigger effect that you can imagine. Go green for your climate. Go green for your family. Go green for your Country. Stay Safe Carolina.

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