• Thomas Enzendorfer

My Recent Encounter with Climate Change

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

As Hurricane Florence reminds us this week yet again of the dire need for climate change action, I wanted to add to the conversation by discussing the climate change effects I witnessed during my time in my native Austria. Growing up, I would frequently go to Hallstatter Glacier to ski during the summer months. It is the largest glacier in the Dachstein Mountains in a country known for its mountaintops. This past summer, I returned and took my daughter there and was stunned by how much less snowpack is there than what I remember growing up.

The below picture is from Wikipedia that was supposedly taken in the summer of 2008 and in this picture it was already much less snowpack than what I remember:

Now, take a look at the following picture of me and my daughter from today’s hike (at above 7,000 Feet and a temperature of 75F):

“Glaciers are the thermometers of our planet,” as Rudi Anschober once said, and to see this severe glacier melt is one of the hundreds of examples of why living sustainably is the most important task as humans for our generation and generations to come. Melting fresh water from glaciers changes the ocean, not just by contributing to the global sea level rise, but also by impacting the currents in the ocean. This has an immediate local effects but ultimately the impacts can affect way beyond the immediate area and climate, as we saw recently with Hurricane Florence.

Ice that took centuries to develop can vanish in just a few years because of climate change. I wanted to share this with you to reinforce why it is so important that we remember why we fight for climate action and take the measures necessary to ensure a sustainable future as well as prevent further degradation. As the former President of Soligent and current CEO of American Home Energy, it is a reminder for all of us as a solar industry to continue to fight for a renewable and therefore sustainable future.

That day in Austria brought climate change home on a very personal level and while I am deeply saddened by the new reality of our world - I continue to be hopeful that we will move the world to a CO2 emissions free future soon! Thomas Enzendorfer has worked in the Solar Industry for over 10 years. He currently serves as CEO of American Home Energy—a California based pure-play white label EPC for the Solar industry--and personally mentors other solar-related companies. Prior to AHE, Thomas served as President of Soligent and was a member of the Management Board for Fronius USA. Consult with Thomas here…

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