• Thomas Enzendorfer

The End of Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

None of the countries that make up the G20 group of major world economies is on course to adequately reduce climate change, with 82% of the bloc's energy supply still coming from fossil fuels. (CNN) America spends over $20bn per year on fossil fuel subsidies, investing in fossil fuels that are only causing climate change which in turn eradicates biodiversity, worsens natural disasters, affects our food supply, among many of the effects. (Guardian) Meanwhile Spain just banned fracking and ended fossil fuel subsidies, in a move that all countries should emulate.

It’s time to invest in renewable energy. From solar and wind power to geothermal, biomass and hydroelectric energy, renewable energy reduces greenhouse emissions, creates jobs, diversifies our energy supply, improves public health, and provides energy independence. There’s no sense in giving billions to an industry that only ends up harming humans and the earth.

At a time when we have an urgent need to transition from fossil fuels, federal and state governments are giving the industry tens of billions of dollars to make pollution, dependence, and damage more profitable. That money could be invested into renewable energy which in turn would be investing in public health, independence, and sustainable jobs.

Subsidies help industries for a good reason, however, there are no more good reasons to keep investing in fossil fuels. Wind and solar power help meet our energy needs without producing harmful pollution. Because of the additional benefits of renewable energy, there’s so many reasons to subsidize clean energy.

As consumers and citizens, we can demand from our government that we invest and transition to a cleaner, more sustainable future. We can start with our homes by investing in solar, we can support sustainable businesses, we can also elect government officials who share the same vision, and we can be vocal with our Congressmen about the urgent need for this transition. With the support of the community, businesses, and government, we can pave a way for a more sensible, sustainable, and clean economy. Thomas Enzendorfer has worked in the Solar Industry for over 10 years. He currently serves as CEO of American Home Energy—a California based pure-play white label EPC for the Solar industry--and personally mentors other solar-related companies. Prior to AHE, Thomas served as President of Soligent and was a member of the Management Board for Fronius USA. Consult with Thomas here…

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